- (mintkiss) wrote,

Good weekend. A little short on sleep, but that's often how that goes. Good talks. Good quiet gentle social time; good loud boisterous social time. I got to do little things that make my friends happy, and bigger things that make my friends happy, and be there for someone who needed it. My friends did little and bigger things that made me happy, and someone was there when I needed it. I got to spend a beautiful day out with my favorite people, consciously savoring the awareness of just how much each of us appreciated it. I got to spend evenings with each of them individually and savor some of the different reasons I love them. I rode my bike a lot, gradually getting faster. I sang. I danced. Plans got made and carried out and adapted as needed. I played a bunch of cards, won often, and lost graciously. I bought someone lunch; someone bought me dinner; I cooked a dinner. I met new people and liked them. I discussed grammar and language and sex and kink and friends.

As I said. Good weekend. I <3 you guys like you wouldn't believe. And now I am going to sleep.

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