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I know I'M never interested in reading about other peoples' dreams--hence the cut--but I don't remember a lot of it anyway.

The first part of it took place in a fantasy kingdom, which as I try to remember it gets more and more blurred with other things. I remember there was water, though, either a sea or a big river, and a great stone castle at the capital. There was trouble, and the king and queen tried to fight it, and it became gradually clear that the real danger wasn't coming from obvious groups of enemy people but from one or two strange otherworldly creatures--gray, featureless, but able to look like people sometimes--which were not just causing strife, they were actually tearing the world apart. The rulers tried to stop them ...

... and failed. Everything was destroyed. Everyone died, except the king and queen and a few members of their party. They came through a tunnel to the core world, the one that contains everything in common between the layers. Parts of it, therefore, were familiar--the landscape, for example, but without the development of their own kingdom. The party is told that all worlds go through two stages: they live out their natural courses, and then a trip must be made along the road through this core world, and then the other world can live again. So they set out, grief-stricken. At one point they pass the great river where the capital stood, and the king tries to point it out to cheer up the queen, but the ruins of a castle lie there, so they pass quickly.

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